Friday, July 19, 2013

Contests and Big News!

I love my job. I really do! I love creating, I love being a business owner, and most of all I love the expression on a customer's face when they pick up a piece of work over which I have labored, and their eyes light up when they realize that it's made from a page of their favorite book, or a piece a sheet music from their favorite song. Finding my place at the farmer's market has been a true blessing, and each day I attend I am more stricken with inspiration.

But now it's time for Scripted Sundries to grow. Starting out as a few haphazardly twirled rosettes made from a novel my kids destroyed being passed around the book store, then braving the daunting task of listing on internet venues, I have finally grown a following. I have a base of loyal customers that visit me regularly, happy to share the gift of literature and art with their loved ones. I feel like it's only fair to make these pieces available for others outside of the TriCities region.

And now for the big news. I have been offered a prime spot in an artisan gallery (Artwalk, in Boone, NC). The space is small, though perfect for my tiny accessories. I would love to jump on the opportunity, though the opportunity presented itself rather suddenly, and I was not prepared. Here's where you can help:

I have created a fundraiser with Go Get Funding ( in order to raise $200. Any donation will help! I will be traveling to Boone this Sunday (7/21/13) to get a better view of the booth, so I would ideally have the money raised by then - but I have set the ending date for a week from now. 

Donations of $10 or more will be met with a gift from me - a selection of book page rose accessories, custom made for you! But it gets better. To get the word out, I am also having a contest. If I reach my goal ($200), I will be giving away a custom book page rose wreath - made to your specifications! This is more than a $50 value, and you don't even have to donate to win! Just share this blog post and when I reach $200, the drawing will be made. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing!!! Let me know about it on my facebook page: