Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let Me Write You A Love Letter

Scripted Sundries is about a lot more than rescuing old books and turning them into something beautiful and wearable. My passion lies behind the written word. Ernest Hemingway was once quoted as saying,

"Write drunk; edit sober." 

Taken literally, this isn't exactly the most inspirational quote (or maybe it is - who am I to judge?), but that isn't the way I read it at all.

When I am driven to write, a different voice comes alive inside my head; one that doesn't consider practicality or convention. It's a voice that is strong, bold, passionate, and fearless. It turns feverish secrets hidden deep in my soul into scorching flames of primal need. It turns a muted setting into vibrant pallet of hues and electricity. It turns words into a work of art. In this state, I am intoxicated on prose. Were I to censor myself, my words would be meaningless. 

A recent project of mine is none other than the subject of love. What attracts you to your mate? What do you see that others don't see? Is it the way his eyes are drawn to your lips when you speak? Are you the only one that notices that she paints her nails in a desperate attempt to be "girly," only to neglect them as she allows the excitement of life to embrace her wholly and sweep her away? Does your heart pound against your rib cage every time he hides a smile, though never quite concealing the telltale dimple buried deep into his unshaven cheek? What was the first thing you noticed about him/her when you met? Is your relationship based on domesticated bliss? Sexual illumination? Are you living in a real life fairy tale? Are you best friends?

Let me write a love letter to your significant other. You give me the details. Tell me what you want me to say, what you feel, what you want your lover to feel. I will take these tidbits and weave them into a tapestry depicting a map of your very own heart... If that is indeed where your passion lies. 

I will soon be offering custom written-just-for-you love letters for sale, but you lucky bunch of love birds have the chance to get it free! These letters will be written solely for you and your partner, though they may be used as examples for advertising purposes and in my own compilation for my love letter project (though the subject of the letters will remain anonymous).

I will accept love letter challenges from the first five people to message me on Facebook or E-mail. Just send me a note to let me know you're interested, and I'll reply with what information I need from you. Simple as that! Now, hurry, before someone beats you to it!

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